Monday, 2 January 2017

Space Time

Its that time of year again. In fact every time of year is a time of year again, with the exception of the extra second we all received  due to slowing planetary rotation. Whilst that particular second was brand new, history repeats itself in recognisable fashion at the roleplaying club. Contrary to my pre Christmas confusion, more Star Trek is in fact warping in from Modiphius as GM Jon continues to execute his orders from Starfleet command.

I am not sure if a new moon will accompany the new year but I get the impression that every moon is a full moon in Ravenloff and GM Warren's fiends will continue to stalk his players this Thursday in the D&D.

The Chill fill has a session to run before concluding but as the other games are still in full swing it may depend on who has risen fully awake from their Christmas suspended animation before we make any plans on what to do next. But as I understand it, resdolutions scamper about in early Janruary so if you are looking for a thoroughly intriguing lack of exercise then I can heartily recommend coming along and making some new friends in deadly environments.

Basically if you are curious about roleplaying..........


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