Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Isn't everyone a roleplayer ?

Curiously enough we have had some new interest in our comings and goings of late, a hearty welcome to Harry last week who got thrown into the D&D I believe and there is some facebook chatter also. In fact there is always facebook chatter. In my so far brief but esteemed tenure at the club I have a finely crafted new player experience involving some of my very best musings adorned with both colorful and lively anecdotes but whilst this is clearly enthralling to the newcomer it does get somewhat of a less than avid response from the regulars for some reason. In fact they have recently taken to their own script akin to to shouting out "Slut" during a Rocky horror Picture Show, which alarmingly enough also seems part of the new player experience now. I shall have to consider a full blown powerpoint presentation with laser pointer in future, and I know where i will be pointing it.

Rampant rebellion in the ranks aside, its good to know that interest in dramatic geekery continues to gain traction - there are a huge number of youtube channels showing the world we are not in fact devil worshipers and twitchy initiatives on live streams as well as a lot of special interest kickstarters hitting their goals. More locally there is the meetup group at the Craft Beer Co, The Dice Saloon and this honorable tome preserves our premier slot in Google for Roleplaying in Brighton. Honestly, its all going on, so pop along and get your piece of dragon pie.

Last week saw a Star Trek crew going bodly, a D&D Ravenloff party who I get the impression are all going to be eaten soon and Chill Envoys who were tangling with corporate lawyers - the most terrifying of high level monsters.


  1. "not in fact devil worshipers"

    Speak for yourself!!!

  2. That's your theme for tomorrow sorted.


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