Wednesday, 25 July 2018

New Spaces

Following a couple of weeks running around the country in a heatwave I finally got a day to chill so to speak on Monday. Whilst crawling out from the comfort of my subterranean lair I had the pleasure of strolling down London road with an old friend and as he is an avid war gamer and we thought we'd pop into Dice Saloon to check stock for the next version of the Star Wars table top space combat system and associated miniatures. Tuns out that Dice Saloon have gone. But not far thankfully.

Having seen retail RPG stores come and go over the years I was always a little worried about the sustainability of Dice Saloon but so far I am happy to be proved incorrect. In fact they have moved about 100 yards down the road to what is a more industrial unit but which provides a lot more space both for stock as well as experience. One of the issues with the old place was mixing the wargamers in the same space as the role players. In addition to the noise there were rather uncomfortable makeshift plywood stalls for long sessions. Whilst the plywood sections still appends the table top area there is now an additional sectioned off set of more intimate and upholstered seating which is much more appealing. Along with extra room for the stock the entire area is much bigger but vaulted in a warehouse now rather than in conventional office space. Somewhat more industrial but who cares, a bigger space means more community and overall I vote it a pleasant surprise.

In more space news GM Jon's Star trek is cautiously drawing to a close but has a few more sessions to run. The Strange will continue until next rotation and GM Bill has graciously stepped in with a three to four session D&D5e. I think actually I have worked out that GM Jon, being the avid Star Trek fan is in fact keeping his universe alive on a permanent basis as if I remember, it was at the end of the last TV series he started his game and we are already getting the next seasons trailers for both Discovery and The Orville. Living the dream.


  1. Hopefully, they will merge the two series into the DiscOrvillery...

  2. I remember playing at Wargames Heaven...
    It's where I got my Watchmen HeroClix set from...


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