Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Of note

Whilst I wax lyrical regarding my D&D and occasionally share the thoughts of a raving lunatic albeit my own or those of my fellow role players, I am polite enough to enquire after the other GMs at the end of an evening regarding the progress of their campaigns. Problem is that after a couple of beers and a head full of plot I don't really recall enough to put electron to blog. However, last week, GM Jamie was kind enough to offer me a note or more accurately, a collection of several notes passed between his players over the course of his Stars Without Number.

Where a picture can tell a thousand words, likewise a small role playing note can reveal all. I must admit its been several years since I have enjoyed a mischievous missive and there is nothing better for ramping up paranoia and generally escalating any perfectly agreeable situation, so here are a few notes of note from the impeccably disciplined crew of the SWN Spaceship:

"Do I know anything about the Captain from his Spacebook page ?"
"Browse the Captain's pirate porn collection."
"Order pizza and leave the empty boxes in the Captain's cabin."

I sense a lot of work during the crew's next annual reviews.

I think the funniest note I ever had was passed to me by another player in an AD&D a very long time ago before the internet happened.

"Dark brown wood stain, 9.99 at B&Q"

Needless to say, it didn't help.


  1. "Dark brown wood stain, 9.99 at B&Q"
    Perfect for use on boats of all varieties...

  2. There are games that are not Dungeons and Dragons?!

    This is Madness!

  3. "I sense a lot of work during the crew's next annual reviews."

    Only if the captain finds out who left pizza boxes everywhere.


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