Monday, 11 March 2019

Into The Void

This week we’re continuing Freedom Five #802. Our superheroes vanquished the demonic creatures attacking Visionary who was holding at bay some kind of Void entity trying to break through into our dimension and wreak havoc!

The house suffered minimal damage in the form of a few broken windows and the door off its hinges. Legacy promptly put it back where it belonged while Absolute Zero froze the hinges. The car that Unity used to create her robots had more parts missing in comparison. With the need to divide her attention gone, Visionary could now have a proper conversation with the superheroes. She didn’t know much about the entity that was trying to break through into their dimension but she did know that she won’t be able to hold it at bay for much longer. She suggested opening a portal long enough for them to enter the Void and deal with the problem at its source, the Freedom Five agreed.

In preparation for their venture into the unknown, Tachyon devised a working theory on how to contain this entity based on the energy signature left by the creatures they have faced earlier. Armed with this knowledge, Unity created a containment device out of what remained of the family car. The rest of the Freedom Five noted how Unity’s internship apparently never ended.

Not exactly like this but you get the idea
Visionary opened the portal which manifested itself as a purple energy circle floating in the air. Legacy was the first to enter. At this point I asked Legacy’s player what he expects to find on the other side and incorporated that answer into the description of the Void. Legacy wasn’t sure what he would find upon entering this realm so just to be on the safe side, he flew in through the portal. As he was flying, he found a vast expanse of clear sky. Cerulean, violet, red and their various shades were all around him. Various rock formations of all sizes speckled the dimension. Some looked like fragments of ground, others like planets. Odder still, were the ever-changing things on their surfaces.

Taking heed of his description, each superhero entered the realm in their own way. Bunker used low-level energy blasts to manoeuvre the alien landscape (skyscape?). Unity used her ability to manipulate metal to float on a metal sphere. Absolute Zero dive bombed into the portal. Stranger still, he kept falling constantly. To outside observers, he somehow looped around his fall. When Tachyon ran in circles without falling and Wraith simply stepped through, they suspected gravity might be optional here. Their suspicions were confirmed when both Legacy and Bunker decided to stand on the sky. Although it was solid, they couldn’t quite figure out which one of them was standing higher than the other.

Evil doppelgängers, a classic!
Then, out of nowhere, Legacy heard a familiar voice taunting him! As he turned, he faced himself, or rather, some kind of dark reflection of himself who mocked his hopes of Pauline ever living up to his legacy. The words pierced through his soul but his conviction remained strong and the dark spirit vanished. While the Wraith took out a device to scan for various energy signatures, Absolute Zero decided to stop falling and leaned back as if on a recliner.

Much joking about balls followed
When she found a stream of energy that tried to unravel the portal they came through, Absolute Zero drifted towards it, caught it in his hands and pulled himself towards the source. The Freedom Five (yes, Unity is still with them) found the entity trying to breach through dimensions had the form of a giant crystal with two spheres orbiting it. Their attempts to stop and contain it were constantly interrupted by the appearance of their dark reflections. When Tachyon ran around the crystal in an attempt to seep out its energy, Dark Tachyon materialised to negate her speed by running backwards! Dark Wraith lived up to her dirty tactics by kicking Legacy in the nuts. Dark Absolute Zero unleashed a torrent of wildfire. Even Dark Legacy re-appeared, mocking his good counterpart. The superheroes fought by dividing their attention between the evil apparitions and the entity. Wraith took out a jetpack from her utility belt to help in moving around the battlefield. Unity created a mechanical puppy to take care of the silver and golden spheres. Tachyon analysed the crystal, noting its weak points. Most surprised was Absolute Zero’s actions at the end of the session.

Earlier in the previous scene, he has experimented with the nature of the Void. He learned that heat didn’t exist here so there was nothing his suit was protecting him from. Now he stood up from his invisible (and mostly intangible) recliner and confidently walked towards the crystal. He stood motionless in front of it for a second before opening the bathrobe he was now in. The superheroes averted their eyes when a brilliant light emanated from his naked flesh onto the entity, on which cracks began to form.


  1. I must say - to me, that bathrobe Absolute Zero wore looked more like a grubby trenchcoat...


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