Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy Cyberpunk

Not sure if it was the future you were expecting but its here anyway and as the turkey and stuffing are finally recycled into nutrient cubes we can look forward to a fun packed year of  gaming and generally sarcastic social interaction.

Our new year is always slightly delayed as a club - whilst there is the natural instinct to fire off new games at the beginning of January, the Christmas period is always fairly volatile with respect to routine and GMs don't really have a good opportunity to round off their narratives. So we sort of aim for new games at the end of January and we already have several ideas on the table and we will ruminate over the next few weeks. 

In retrospect, last year has been a very respectable round up with D&D, Nameless land, Warhammer, Sentinels, Walking Dead Thing, Star Trek, 13th Age and Torg. We have travelled to many places so far but our journey is far from complete. 

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