Thursday, 7 May 2020

Monsters and Media

Whist the pandemic lockdown still seems like a surreal drama in a parallel universe it has afforded some deep drift into the digital soup. Clicking round the roleplaying nebula I have discovered that you can now buy professionally made roleplaying soundtracks. I have noted before that some GMs like to bring along some Bluetooth speakers for background music and augment their games with audio context  - whether shopping in a town market to whimsical browsing melodies or chopping in combat to a rousing action theme, I do think its a nice touch. But if you want to enjoy reminiscing the drama in your own time then Midwinter Minis is doing a digital pack "Death by Dice" Vol 1. If you really enjoy getting into the ambience then I suppose you can get dressed up and go Larping in your own lounge too - here is their slightly sarcastic advert:

Also I was initially pleasantly surprised to find a hitherto undiscovered roleplaying series on Amazon no less: "Dungeon Life: A Dungeons and Dragons Documentary". Having said this I do think its a bit of a cheat in that each episode is only about 3 minutes long and I am aware the some of the major streamers are uplifting some of the better youtube content creators. It seems like a lot of webisodes to me but it does feature some notable movers in the scene and a very contemporary assessment of the genre - its a 90 minute documentary chopped into bite size chunks.

As I have also been using Discord a lot as the comms to our Roll 20 game I did discover that one of the other Brighton roleplaying groups also have a discord running - whilst ours is 14 members and overly serves a small group I think, it usefulness is readily apparent when scaling up. The facebook group "Role-Playing games in Brighton" which is Simon Appleton's backend to the Craft Beer Co based meetups have, if you join, an open link to their discord community which is already just over 120 lively members and has a thriving turnover of games. That's a lot of people to argue with as a GM.

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  1. Funny thing is that I will often steer clear of servers with a large number of people... it's impossible to keep up a conversation unless you're there for its entirety...

    For ambient RP music, I recommend


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