Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Byte me

On my role playing radar this week is a new d8 based RPG system called Byte. It's an interesting approach to narrative  and specifically uses a modular construction process for generating the environment. It's what I would describe as a systems approach to game generation which is less common in my experience. In general I would say that narrative captures the imagination and naturally we often get RPGs as part of a larger production line of resources off the back of other media - usually a set of films or a best selling series of books. Our evolution is steeped in culture and narrative is its  scaffold so naturally creators get excited when they imagine new worlds and the dilemmas within them.

Conversely I tend to feel systems approaches are somewhat uninspiring as they just tend to mix archetypal components into a bowl and whisk but this may be missing the point somewhat. In reflection I think a modular approach to game creation is not necessarily an end in itself and perhaps more of a writing tool. Art comes in many forms but perhaps there is nothing wrong with a join the dots system if indeed an interesting portrait emerges.

Byte's creators have not held back on thoroughness though with a 400 page rulebook containing 20 thematic modules that can connect in a number of different ways. Basically the GM selects a tech level from 1 to 10 from stone age to space age then ancestries get connected being the racial components and on top of that skill lists are then connected and finally overlaid with one or more thematic modules - from the Kickstarter there is one example construction of "Space Wizards with Swords". Its crazy enough that it just might work...

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