Saturday, 13 November 2010

On the Boil

I can't recall ever having so many gaming projects on the go at once. Back in my wayward youth, I'd concentrate on one game or setting for months, before moving on to the next game and doing the same, all of which often came to naught as the group decided to play something else anyway. I'm sure this is not uncommon within our hobby.

I am working on three unrelated projects at the moment, but on the plus side, much of the work is already done for two of them:

  • Our Pathfinder GM has expressed a desire to experience the game as a player for once. In fairness, this situation has arisen because he's always so full of enthusiasm for running his latest idea for a D&D-variant game, so we let him get on with it. Even so, I've volunteered to run a scenario so he can try the game from the other side of the screen; I have chosen Paizo's Carrion Hill, which is rather appropriate, as whenever I run something it seems to end up as Call of Cthulhu, and now I have an excuse.
  • In the summer, I finally got a chance to run an Eberron game, albeit using Savage Worlds as the ruleset. At some point in December, I'll be running the sequel to that: Savage Eberron II: The Jewel of Galifar. Most of the work is done, but I've taken Stephen King's advice and have put the scenario away so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes in a few weeks. My plan is to run these once or twice a year, as a series of linked adventures, but not quite a campaign.
  • Most recently, I've been brainstorming ideas for a return to my Rogue Trader game. I now have a good outline for the plot of the next chunk of the campaign, which will be a bit more linear before returning to the sandbox of the first "season". Players being the special snowflakes that they are, I expect it to be nowhere as direct a journey as the word "linear" implies.

In other news, we hit seventh level in our ongoing Pathfinder campaign last night, although since I've been blessed by Nurgle I decided to stay away and play via Skype. Which was fine until the camera cut out at their end and the microphone cut out at mine -- so I could only hear them and they could only see me -- and communication consisted of me attempting to figure out what was going on from their discussion and holding up handwritten notes to the camera in response.

From what I could tell things got a bit hairy, with at least two characters into critical condition -- perhaps Stuart can provide a more detailed synopsis -- but the party emerged from the troll caverns victorious and with a sizeable haul of treasure, including a +2 thundering great sword for Stuart's barbarian Artemisia, further nudging her towards the Weapon of Mass Destruction prestige class.


  1. So close to killing a few of you off! I should have never allowed that wonderous item, the bronzed griffon, to be allowed to fly in that small corridor! Ridiculous! Your animals and beasts always come to your rescue! At least there was no Kujo or Bullwinkle as well!!!

    So close, yet so far! Am looking forward to Friday's denouement, when you take on the HUGE owlbear... and maybe a few other things on your return journey.... ;)

    & Yes - I am very much looking forward to playing Pathfinder too - it is definitely my favourite kinda game for my exhausted state, 'd&d' - in the form of Pathfinder (its best incarnation to date IMHO) - something for everyone: tactical combat, OTT roleplaying, a bit of paranoia, interesting options for character design (especially at levels 5+), plenty of action (and thus I stay awake!)... and a chance of pc death! woo-hoo!

  2. & it would be good to sit down sometime if Nurgle releases you from his deathly grip, and brainstorm on steam punk/ mad max meets GOR meets Medieval Dead rpg/ dune meets IK or whatever it is to be! Too many ideas knocking about in my tiny brain!


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