Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Food for thought

Life in role playing is like a day on the farm, every ration a banquet, every reward a fortune every encounter is a parade. And when I am paraphrasing Sgt. Apone from Aliens then you know I really have attained even thinner altitudes in the Blogsohere. Not that we would seek to host any Masterchef events but there is a certain amount of creativity when purveying the exotic corner shops of Brighton for snacks. For a long while I was a proponent of the Onion Ring theory as  snack zero from which all others derive but of late there are some strains of nuts that find their way onto our tables and there is also the missing link forming the breads branch of grazing including cheesy sticks, croissants, rice cakes and seedy buns. However as much as I am willing to shave off a few hours of my life eating Pringles, can I ask how far you would go in pursuit of new delicacies. How about a tube of Purple, N127, No-Brand crisps ? I can't tell if we are on the brink of a great collapse or at the cusp of a new golden age for mankind...

Whether you believe that nachos evolved naturally or we in fact were designed by a savory deity is neither here nor there as all are welcome at the club but let us give our thought to those who give thought to others and spend their hard earned cash on a Thursday so others don't have to go hungry during our sessions.

However the real food for thought are the upcoming games - whilst the Phoenix Dawn and Exalted are running quite happily we seem to be healthily queuing up GMs for other new creative experiences. Whilst I have a D&D proper on the back burner now following my technical training GM Jon has availed himself of a very new shiny Star Trek system, GM Andras - one of the other major investors of the Exalted system - has a hankering for continuing the dynasty and GM Rob has offered about a dozen other options.

Our mission still bodily goes where no half-ogre-halfling-cleric-ranger has gone before.


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