Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ping Pong Power Play

“It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look farther than you can see.” – Winston Churchill

So we are trying to settle the dust on our new set of games. Warhammer and Star Trek are now running and the third session is now looking like an Exalted, tho GM Andras can only offer this on a part time basis.

There will be some more conversations to be had about how to juggle this but whilst it's not ideal, the club did actually used to run a pattern with four games; each pair of games run every other week. I think this was a result of having too many GMs spread across too few players, but wasn't in theory a problem. We certainly saw a lot of systems but the issue was that if a GM missed a session then the corresponding gap would be potentially four weeks which not only made it difficult to remember what was gong on but it also doubled the duration of the games and made it difficult to roll over to new systems when the time came. But the logistics of running a large group informally entail a lot of compromises and its always nice to give a new GM a go.

Nevertheless, related to this, in geological timescales we are actually a growing club and whilst the Warhammer has packed in seven players, we are still comfortably three games but the first discussion has taken place regarding the logistics of a fourth game. This sounds very organised but basically entailed me leaning over the bar and demanding that the ping pong club surrender their table to us or feel the wrath of the dark side. However, I was shocked that my opening gambit was not perhaps the best approach and whilst I attained my ale I was firmly told that there is an active and fanatical ball sports community and that ping pong was definitely off the table. Seems that the pong enthusiasts are in fact allied to the snooker and pool faction...

This will require some more subtlety and leverage on my part but the road to the iron throne is not an easy one... I will need an undead army. And I don't mean painted miniatures.


  1. If ping-pong was "off the table" then the table itself is free for us to use, no?

  2. Those four weeks worth of a break between games and difficulty recalling what happenend during the last session was what spurred me into creating session write-ups... even though I've been lax on that front with the recent game :(


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