Wednesday, 10 January 2018


One might think it a little alarming to start the year off by musing on how to kill people, tho it is normal for role players have slightly psychotic conversations from time to time. To be fair I am a little unsure as to how many people we will have settled on for the next round of games starting soon, or more specifically with the winter rush we often get I would be concerned to have 10 people trying to squeeze themselves into a single game.

So given the fact that its been at least six months since I have killed someone, I have volunteered an overflow D&D if required. This necessarily includes challenges and of course consequences but I will endeavour not to be too contrived, except to say that the most ludicrous trap I have come across was a Kobold on a rope suspended above a pit trap behind a closed door. Given the relative ease at which Kobolds can be dispatched one would naturally think nothing of charging straight in. Rolling my eyes under such circumstances tends to be a prelude to rolling a new character and this instance was no exception, though I have since harboured a deep seated hatred of all things rope like. And I do see some ropy things.

I will go back and double check the PHB for specific rules on swinging. Certainly there is a climbing skill and associated falling damage but I suppose a swing would just be a variable difficulty class depending on its challenge and also whether any drama is also included. Swinging for dramatic effect though should really only be attempted by experienced players such as Erol Flynn or possibly Harrison Ford.

Having said all this I am reminded of a previous Chill session regarding an undead Hangman the party had to deal with. That was roprey of an entirely different kind.

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