Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Finders keepers

So the deals are done and our new GMs are beginning to scratch their heads as players begin to roll up their characters and ask annoying questions. As if space wasn't big enough, Stars Without Number has acquired quite a large group of players now and GM Mike's home brew system has intrigued enough characters to commit in force at the end of the month. There definitely seems strong interest in going slightly off road compared to some of our more standard offerings historically and for my part I have signed up for GM Dylan's Starfinder.

As I did get lost among the AD&D tomes for twenty years it wasn't just the versions three and four that passed me by. I had also completely missed the birth of the Pathfinder community although I have always been dimly aware its success. At the time of writing, Paizo's website is down  but I am unaware if Starfinder itself is being uplifted alongside their primary system although it could be just be a matter of one flowing naturally from the other. Either way, I never had the opportunity to play Pathfinder so the next few months will be a chance to give a nod of respect to a parallel system. I have no idea what races or constructs will be available but I already have an idea brewing...

In the broader scheme of things, as the holiday season is drawing to a close, we traditionally get a rise in interest as the evenings darken. If our more recent members also become regulars and we continue to draw in wanderers then we'll just have to find another universe for them to jump into.


  1. All I can say is, poor Dylan must have committed some heinous crimes in his past lives to have you in his game...

  2. Really, cant you just go and harass celebrities on Twitter?

  3. It's fun how we've got two Sci-Fi games going at the moment :D


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