Wednesday, 24 April 2019


This last weekend saw GM Warren fire up a Sunday role playing session at the Dice Saloon. We do get satellite games occasionally as an interest group but more specifically for GM Warren, his vampire hunting doesn't let him come to the club nights on a regular enough basis to host a continuous game. Of course he is not the only frustrated artist out there as life and work are constantly an issue to those just trying to live day to day in a fantasy world but whilst the club is quite flexible in some part time and drop in play, the more aggressive day/night work commitments do pose an issue. Its also the case that we have regular members who subsequently move out of town but the occasional event means we can often grab them for a day, have some fun and catch up.

Last Sunday saw us book a table for a five  hour session which was quite satisfying as we barely get 2 hours at the club and reminds me what a normal game should feel like. In this instance we began a TORG adventure which is a system I have been aware of since its release in 1990 of but not actually playerd It falls into the post apocalyptic genre but is enjoying a reboot from the 2017 TORG Eternity release.

Its success comes from a quite imaginative narrative which provides distinct role playing biomes across an Earth as a result of suddenly crashing dimensions with another plane. Various continental areas have now transformed into settings for prehistoric, magical, cyberpunk, ancient Egyptian and Gothic horror realms. Whilst this is a novel attempt to be a massively broad one size fits all system the interesting feature is that if characters move between biomes then they can mentally be absorbed into that world such that reverting to a primitive biome means you can forget your technological level and suddenly be unaware of how to use a a gun. Conversely you can promote your capabilities if you move to a more advanced biome, but either way if you successfully hold onto your culture you can use it to influence the world you find yourself within.

All in all whilst its difficult to feel positive about having your character stripped of knowledge and abilities it does create some interesting game play and we shall see where the next session takes us.

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  1. Earth crashed into a plane? Normally planes crash into the Earth...


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