Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Ice and Dice

I am dimly considering starting a D&D shortly and seeing who I can suck off the internet. Whilst that sounds incredibly inappropriate it did sort of work last time and whilst a couple of the players went on to pastures new, most of them stayed to enjoy the pizza, sarcasm and other RPG systems - it's often the case that a D&D newbie will settle in for the long haul once they break the ice and dice for the first time. At present the existing 3 games are running strong but when we are a couple of players over I am aware that some of us are left in the bar chatting over a few pints for a couple of hours and whilst I'm very  happy to do so we should be playing really.

Of course existing GMs are always welcoming by way of offering to squeeze people in but I have the opinion it leans against them as whilst its possible logistically to run with several players, their experience does not translate well from their perspective as they can just be left for too long before being able to act, effectively disengaging them. To be fair a group of experienced role players will wait their turn but our sessions are short and the bar is quite tempting.

So regarding an extra game it plays well as the students are back at uni and if its a D&D it will get traction and I don't have to sit downstairs clawing at peoples faces for want of something to do. All I need now is some inspiration, a cunning plot and the tough love to kill of argumentative players.


  1. If there's boats, count me in!

  2. If there was a kick starter called Dungeons and Boats, you'd back it wouldn't you ?

  3. I do have a rule that I only run for 3-6 players. I generally cap my games at six players at club but with the extra seat availability... I do wonder if I should lower the maximum to 5 players so as to have a 6th guest star character.

    In my experience, when you get to 6+ players, it becomes a lot harder to keep people equally engaged in the game...


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