Tuesday, 1 October 2019

What have we done ?

When does history become lore and lore become legend ? It was a few months ago we celebrated out 10th anniversary as a blog but of course the club has been going longer than that before nesting at the Railway Club. Our legacy is growing though in terms of the systems we have played and I know that the Discord server users are leaving the chat groups in place now as the games come and go. This will start to preserve our culture in one digital format and the Blog tends to hold details of rotations as well.

Indeed its a common question when we get new roleplayers in and also when I go down to the Craft Beer company - "So what have you played". The half drunk response is always D&D but as the passionate people stay on then we begin to appreciate the diversity of our pastime so in this vein here is a list of what we have played at the bar...I think:

Star Wars, Cthulu, Warhammer Fantasy, Song of Ice and Fire, RuneQuest, 13th Age, D&D, Achtung! Cthulu, Dogs in the Vineyard, Blades in the Dark, Eclipse Phase, Feng Shui, Changing Breeds, MERP, Strike, Numenera, Earthdawn, Chill, Star Trek, Shadowrun, Phoenix Dawn Command, Exalted, Part Time Gods, The Strange, Stars Without Number, Sentinels, Mutant Zero, Warhammer Heresy,  Torg, The Walking Dead Thing, Nameless Land.

Bar the fact I have probably missed something - that is a lot of mucking around. Either way I sense we have hardly scratched the surface of some people's collections...


  1. No mention of Unstable Unicorns, I see...

  2. and that is not even mentioning all the various editions!


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