Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Locke and Key

As we seem to be struggling to patch together a sane and salient D&D game at the moment, some of us brave few are preparing backup games as a sort of disaster recovery solution for some excessive handbag wielding that has erupted. Artistic differences are inevitable where role players are concerned and I am surprised that in all the years I have been going the the club we haven't had more to be honest. But with particular players put in particular games with particular perspectives when certain combinations are unlocked the inevitable doors begin to close. Whilst I hope that people who storm out come back one day I have come to believe that evolution is a healthy thing even if it begins in contention - pain, when accepted, allows people to change. 

Without wanting to sound too much like the Shadows from Babylon 5, I'm going to gamble that fun will win out over frustration at the end of the day so I am prepping a Planescape should people feel the need to dip their toes into unknown portals. As always its a bit of a struggle to wrestle a plot down in the multiverse but I have some ideas which will be dutifully messed up by the players I am sure.

I also note that a new series has just emerged from Netflix called Locke and Key based on the graphic novels of the same name which is extremely timely given a Planescape as the mechanics seem quite familiar. Whether its a sort of Harry Potter family adventure or something more involved like The Lost Room I don't know but might well be worth a watch..

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