Tuesday, 4 February 2020


So, cubic volume is a wonderful thing. I mean without a third dimension everything would be just too flat and thin - sort of one dimensional really but twice. Fine if you were just playing Phoenix Dawn or Magic the Gathering but for role players gazing down upon their miniatures there are issues. Moreover there is also a room required to host the aforementioned role players and there is the rub. It seems that everyone has taken the opportunity to come out of the woodwork to grab a character at the start of the adventures and the games may be looking somewhat over full with the D&D at seven players already.

Another dimension to the quandary is that we also had a wandering spirit enter our hallowed halls having spied this very venerable tome. Since meetups has somewhat changed the visitor dynamic, passing players are fewer and further between now although the flip side is that we only need to advertise a popular system and we will get the seats filled very quickly from the real world - social media has generated a somewhat on demand recruitment system. Nevertheless there was at least one seat in the Scum and Villainy so we have managed to squeeze everyone in on paper.

Issue is that I know there was at least one player missing last week. Well perhaps our organic nature will win out as not all of us are there every week and this may bring balance to opposing forces. I myself don't have a seat in any game as I often join any game that is short of an evening but then if the opposite is true I am free to start a relief game. All are options but that fourth dimension I mentioned earlier would be very handy at the moment.

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