Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Self delusion is not generally something one would consider a healthy pastime. I presume one is not consciously aware of it so that would be the important dividing line between a LARPer dressed as a superhero and someone actually trying to leap tall buildings in one go. However confinement raises the bar on this and gives escapism a rather more sobering aspect. Spending weeks at home with potentially nothing to do is a real bane to those with an active imaginations and may well be a small glimpse of the lives of the incarcerated. It only been a day and I'm already struggling with the lack of routine. My point is that I may have to dig out the Christmas tree again in order to fool myself back into holiday mode - at least I get to eat mince pies and buy myself presents.

I'm beginning to think that the iso cubes from Judge Dredd are not so far from reality at the moment but I would gladly walk into a San Angeles Crypto Penetentiary or perhaps don a halo from Minority Report. I would have gone for a carbonite casing but I'm not talking to Star Wars at the moment.

There are few RPGs based on waking up from hibernation - Aliens notwithstanding, there is the classic Gamma World (TSR), Mutant (Target Games), arguably cryo chambers in Traveller (Mongoose) and SpaceShip Zero (Green Ronin). The list goes on but the best bet may well be to plug myself into the internet and succumb to the on line community for now. As much as I try to take a break from the computer world, perhaps I never left.

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