Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Certainly uncertain

Our world is thawing and the retreat of the pandemic age is revealing a changed world and a changed people. One of the most difficult things about separating people is getting them back together again and whilst there have been murmurings about another club meet I am a little skeptical of the outcome. In a sense its really just a comment on the passage of time but many role players, including myself, have sought out on line experiences which for some are more that enough to fit the roleplaying fix and for those who do not enjoy the company of photons may well have formed other routines either in households or local meetings where they can match with those in similar situations. Of different generations we have those with one jab, those with two and potentially the dreaded unjabbed, who should be urgently turned by the NHS. The world in fact did not stop during Covid, its just that in many cases people may have just moved on.

In what is now the traditional vein then one of the many Daves has suggested a D&D bash having climbed down from a more ambitious suggestion of Cthulu, although which edition I am unclear, although I would think that madness hasn't changed much since the original Victorian era. It is the beginnings of our rummagings so the press will just have to hold person for a blogging round but hopefully there will be a roll call shortly followed by a call to arms followed by a drunken board game followed by everyone trying to remind each other who they are.

Its a time of change, possibly permanently, as club memberships will have to be reforged or more properly purchased and we will have to chance whether we can recognise each other through the beards of time. For those who's beards cannot be penetrated and for those who's memories are shorter than they are then its an opportunity to meet new people who have been met before.

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