Tuesday, 8 June 2021



Every time I say I am not going to do another dice review, I end up doing another dice review. Don't get me wrong, I am not particularly obsessed with random number generators; I do at least make half an effort to chat about interesting things. Whilst there have been some amazing dice implementations it will always be that case that artists will keep generating fascinating and beautiful artifacts. Behold then the Orbice. Three dimensional circles of fate and finely sculpted themed spheres for those who are geometrically challenged and have grown weary of the usual boxy clatter. I have historically remarked on the D30 and single D100 before now which approach the pure surface from a sort of calculus angle by systematically cutting off edges although an infinite sided dice will remain a kickstarter goal for now I feel. I do note that in this case with a target of roughly 20k they have raised nearly one third of a million dollars so I think we can promote this obsession into an industry now.

In fact I will raise an important point for those who do not want their dice mis gendered as technically speaking they may not be dice at all, the etymology indicating that for late fourteenth century use 'Dice, Dyce or Dyse' refers to 'cutting into cubes' but as our six sided friends have been witth us for thousands of years the true origin of the word obscures the provenance.

Perhaps the pursuit of spherical solutions to problems has more deep seated roots in some peoples psychology and I would always recommend facing ones fears rather than running from them no matter how futile it seems. Either way, I wont be doing another dice review.

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  1. As long as dice remains the plural, I'm fine with it.


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