Saturday 25 December 2021

Merry Skifness

It seems that we have had now our final dance at the Belmont Railway Club after many years of cheap ales and even cheaper music performed by the resident automated bard. More accurately the local Tango club have ironically waltzed in and now consume what little space remains for our already tight tables on club night and new space has been essential.

We have relocated to a delightfully spacious coworking facility know as the Skiff and its not so secret location can be found just North of the North Laine or more easily perhaps via their facebook page.

Activating the correct sequence of a Thursday evening should summon a Keymaster and passage to other realms or alternatively seek Lord Nelson.

Hear ye all:

"As of Dec'21 we have relocated from The Railway to The Skiff, Blackman Street, Brighton (use '7' on the intercom).  We will continue to meet from any time after 7pm and aim to start gaming from 9-11pm as we did at the Railway.    For anyone coming earlier than 7pm, we will meet in the Lord Nelson (Corner of Trafalgar St and Blackman St)"

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