Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Show Me Your DIce

We're all dice fetishists to an extent, a tendency Tim over at Gothridge Manor has identified and decided to celebrate. So without further ado:

These are the contents of the bag I take to our regular games. There are a couple of full seven-dice sets in there, a d30, a d16, a bunch of two-tone d10s, a handful of d8s, a couple of twenty-sided d10s and some twelve-sided d4s. There's also a tape measure in case of wargame-type activity, a decent rubber because the ones you get at the end of pencils always smudge the character sheet, and a plastic tengu from the D&D miniatures line; this is Wu Ya, my character in Ben's Kingmaker game. He's a monk with the potential to bust out seven attacks a round, so I have quite a few d20s in the pile; there's one for each colour of the rainbow, in case order of attack is important, and a few extra just in case.

This is everything else. It may not look much bigger than the other lot, but this is a pile that's a couple of inches high in the middle. The bulk of it is made up of a Chessex Pound o' Dice bought by a sympathetic relative one Chrimble, but you've also got a few seven-dice sets -- including one still in its case for no apparent reason -- and then a fair number of odd dice. There's a Zocchihedron, an inkless precision d20, a set of FUDGE dice, some of those funky third edition WFRP dice, a set of HeroQuest dice and a spare set of Blood Bowl blocking dice acquired from the NAF. Most of these dice go unused -- we haven't played WFRP3 yet and a Zocchihedron is to be admired, not rolled -- but I doubt I'm the only one with such a reserves pile. There's something satisfying about tipping them all out then putting them back in their box, akin to when I did the same with my Lego as a child.


  1. That's one seriously impressive collection!

  2. Good variety there, Kelvin! I do think sneaking in a rubber and a tape measure is just showing off though ;)

  3. You have quite the dicegasm going on there.

  4. I've been looking around at other people's dice collections, and I'm a little surprised that they're so much more modest than mine. I thought it was quite normal in our circles to have a bit of a dice fetish, but perhaps I'm just weird!

  5. ...I have quite a few d20s in the pile; there's one for each colour of the rainbow, in case order of attack is important...

    Clever. One of those classic 'obvious, but only in retrospect' ideas.

  6. Thanks! It came up through play as my monk became able to unleash multiple attacks and rolling them individually started to slow the game down. At one point I tried rolling the damage as well, but that became unwieldy very quickly; rolling a handful of d20s is a nice compromise between efficiency and Bucket-of-Dice impressiveness.

  7. Hey there,
    I have to say it's a nice collection you have there!
    I have some dice myself, it's not as amazing as yours, but I'm quite proud of it^^


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