Sunday, 7 August 2011

Three Sheet Firefight

There's a new version of Small But Vicious Dog out, and it's even better than the last. I spent the morning reading it, and it's clear that something in it inspired me, as I then went off to write a very quick and dirty skirmish wargame.

It's very basic, and it has a fair bit of Nottinghamshire DNA in it, albeit more from Blood Bowl and Epic than either of the Warhammers. It's intended for quick games with whatever figures are available, and it's more than likely full of all sorts of holes and problems; since I haven't yet played it, I can't predict what they'll be, but the turn order might be a bit wobbly. Still, if you fancy it you can download it here, and if you do, please let me know how you get on.


  1. Ta for the shout out.

    TSF looks like Good Stuff, nice simple anarchist wargaming. I'll see if I can't get the lads to playtest this sometime.

    Especial Likes:
    * Aim/Defend variation.
    * Inter-Continental Ballistic rocks.
    * Psychology rules "Agh!", "Yuk", "Brown Trousers", etc. and Special Ability names "Shoddy", "Ironclad", etc. Funny, memorable and descriptive. Wish I'd thought of it. May have to steal the names for SBVD like a sneaky, thievey little man-bitch:)

    * typo in the Combat section: "...their fighting (A) with a success indicating a hit." Should that be be "fighting (F)"?
    * Not sure if the Command roll rules as-written won't result in people hedgehogging up around their vital leader figure. Or was that an intended outcome?
    * Nowhere to Run needs a points cost. I assume 1?

  2. Query:

    * Improving 2+ attacks. What happens if you make a giant or wizard a leader? Do their melee and shootan attacks improve to 1+ "I keel you! Unless modified." status?

  3. The intention is that 1 is always a failure and 6 is always a success, so modifying past 2+ would have no effect. That's something I'll add to the next version.

    As for command rolls, models should only be getting the bonus from the leader if the leader has the St. Crispin's Day ability; otherwise they use their own command statistic. I need to clarify this, as well as the exact difference between a unit and a model.

    Thanks for the other comments too; I appreciate the praise -- I'd like it if you stole the psychology terminology for SBVD -- and I'll make the changes you identified.


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