Wednesday, 27 February 2019


Time heals all wounds they say but if you fall asleep and wake up in the distant future I'm somewhat less clear on the matter. The DarkSun party are still going through a sort of cultural exchange which is proving to be a wonderful little game in itself. The grim and unforgiving world of Athas does present a huge challenge to those from other worlds; other than the overwhelming heat of the relentless sun and the vast, deadly deserts there are some alternate physics to contend with and an entire set of cultural adjustments that have to be negotiated including the language itself.

Provided our party survive the basic conversations with Athasians, and its not clear yet that they will, there are cultural, political, physical and religious matters to attend to. First impressions last but to be fair the party do have some hero credit as they are already embedded in the history of their world. Notwithstanding this though, the Ogre and Elf decided to immediately hit the bars at the dodgy end of town with unforseen consequences. 

When I say bars of course, there is no such thing in the world of Athas as the base water ingredient is just too valuable. So the city of Suukan provides a number of Chewt bars, literally. The bars are fibrous but are infused with concoctions depending on the desired outcome - chewing on them releases the chemicals into the system. Little known to the players, they frequented a Mongbar and as the name suggest are currently enjoying a very warm, relaxed and slightly drooly experience from chewt they over purchased with a full water skin. Still, we'll see what other friends they make staggering home...


  1. Not massively different to the first two hours of the evening really!

  2. that is an interesting solution to scarcity of water...


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