Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Feywild Familiarity

The D&D Darksun is setting and provided there isn't too much mucking around, I reckon there is one session left. With such short games, intermittent players as well as guest spots there are simply too many constraints to provide a seamless experience and pulling plot protagonists out of a bag can be a disjointed experience although to be fair, in my particular case, the ending was planned from the moment I read one of the characters backgrounds..

Basically it all comes down to ex girlfriends as millennia age our Monk had a somewhat obsessive Dryad teacher who fell in love with him and eventually agreed to let him go in exchange for a promise to return one day. Given he was turned to stone and she was punished by her kind for her feelings for a mortal, she was banished forlorn and without hope.

Dryads live for hundreds of years and in keeping with Fey tradition (Tolkien's elves and the little mermaid being cases in point), those years would be spent exiled from her woodland leaving her nothing but to wander alone awaiting her end. However where there is a will there is a way, so by taking the Vampire's curse she would then have all the time to reshape the world that turned upon her and wait for her long lost student to keep his promise. The unforeseen consequence however was that the Gods left Athas in permanent sunlight after their overthrow of the Necromancers and if its one thing vampires cant stand, it's a tan.

However as the party have now restored the natural order to the world the first night in aeons is falling and alongside it awake its inhabitants..


  1. If I made a last-minute guest appearance, I am sure I could stretch the "one more session" for at least another couple of months...

  2. that does sound like an epic conclusion to a story :D


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