Wednesday, 30 August 2017


In GM Jacks Exalted game last week, we seem to have come across an old problem. When I say old, I mean senile. Handling people who have succumbed to the ravages of age is a sensitive affair where you cant always do the right thing but as long as you do your best with as much respect as you can then you will have no regrets. Handling the criminally insane may require a certain amount of intervention despite the context of their trauma and taking up arms against a psychopath may be a singular choice as I am unsure to what extent such people can be considered human. 'Though wise men know at their end that dark is right' to quote Dylan.

But the ravages of time take on a completely different meaning where immortality is concerned. Far beyond what would erode a mortal mind to dust, even an eternal consciousness should give way eventually as epoch upon epoch pile up like so many leaves in Autumn. And even then you have barely even begun your sentence. So it would seem that the only way to bear eternity is with a little amnesia thrown in; if you can forget about yesterday then why worry about tomorrow. 

The problem then for the Exalted players is that they need to convince a geriatric god that a long forgotten war ended millennia ago. Whilst he is shacked up in his tower too paranoid to look out of a window, every avenue of discourse can transpose to subterfuge; there is nothing that can be said that would not be indicative of an enemy spy at the height of hostilities. Quite the standoff but hopefully, if the players can somehow show the God the face of change in the real world, then perhaps progress can be made. Tricky.

On another radar entirely, this WE is the annual Reumicon of BURPS, the once mighty University role playing society, at its height, over 100 members. Can you imagine the arguments ? I can. I was there. And you can be too ~ Dice Saloon this Sat

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